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Gift Certificates

This is a great gift for someone who has it all!

Our gift certificates can be applied to repairs, new builds, art, and welding lessons! 

  • Your recipient can apply the credit to repairing, replacing, or fabricating their dream gate.

  • Irrigation water damages fencing and leaves it in disrepair. Help offset the cost of repairs and to make their yard look great!

  • Custom interior or exterior metal art always draws compliments and makes for a great conversation piece!  

  • Has someone you love talked about wanting to learn to weld? We can teach them!

  • More details below.

In-house services and welding lessons are offered at $50 per hour with a one hour minimum. On site welding is offered at $65 per hour and may incur trip charges. Welding students must provide their own hood and sign a release of liability. Materials used for services other than lessons are at an additional cost.

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