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Jason turned 12 in North Central FL and as a teenager worked as an apprentice in his family's fiberglass pontoon boat shop as well as a family friends machine shop that was located on the same property. He learned the ins and outs of welding aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel at a young age. I, Jessica, grew up in Southwest FL and worked for my parents who had a security, sound, and central vacuum business. I worked on the job sites and sales field with my Dad and in the office with my mom. When I was about 19 my parents bought some property and we ended up starting a farm equipment business. I learned how to sell, assemble, load, unload the implements. Then we took on carports and metal buildings, then tractors, then ZTR mowers. I earned lots of valuable experience in that atmosphere!

In 2008 I moved to NCFL and met Jason. Soon after we met he started working for Zachry in Crystal River at the Nuclear Plant. We got married, remodeled a house, had a baby, and then his work took him to Macon GA to build a coal plant for Fluor. We traveled back and forth and I was able to take our daughter on lots of fun adventures as a stay at home mom.

In 2013 we moved to Granbury. We were weary of road life and TX seemed to offer great potential for us to all live in the same place once our daughter started school. Jason found a job in Fort Worth building oil field equipment- fracs, tanks, pumpers, etc- and really excelled at learning the components needed for these rigs. He soon became the shop foreman and the the shop general foreman. Around 2015 a position opened up at Wolf Hollow, a new build power plant in Granbury. What a blessing! About the same time, our girl was starting school and I was offered a job selling roofing. I knew nothing about roofing and i'm scared of heights but I had a great support staff and I did really well. We were able to put up a shop, I would buy tools for Jason on holidays, we got to play on the weekends and took a few side jobs. We always wanted to have our own business! As an added bonus I can tell you if you have hail damage on your roof now!

In 2017, Jason had a heart attack with 100% blockage. Lights out. God put everyone in place to save his life. With a shop and enough tools in place and his recovery going well, we ventured out and decided this was God's plan for us. So here we are, over two years later, thanking God for every day, every door that opens, every new client we earn, and every breath we take!

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