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Let's start with what we're not. We're not the biggest, the oldest, generational, the most fancy, or the one with the most high tech equipment. We don't have giant trucks that are wrapped with our logo, or billboards, or radio advertising. We don't have employees. We don't own or lease a building close to a major highway. We don't have overhead cranes. We don't even have a forklift- yet. Sounds pretty bleak, huh? But wait...

Since we started #prodigyweldingandfab in 2017 we have acquired many #tools of the #trade that allow us to be different AND #versatile. We have a plasma cutter, but it's not a CNC. This means what we create for you is truly #oneofakind. We have a generator and suitcase welding machines. This means we can easily come to your home, business, or yard to install or repair. We have MIG, TIG, and Stick capabilities. Wrought iron (carbon steel), #aluminum, and #stainless are all materials Jason is proficient in welding. We specifically opted to go this direction instead of getting one of those big trucks with a huge welding machine and miles of leads (cords) and giant torch bottles you see running around. We have a nice #shop that we have built many gates, railings, art, and more in. We have a chainfall, and torches, and drills, and painting rigs, a tubing bender, a break, a scroll maker, and saws. We have very low overhead costs. #Wemaybesmallbutwearefierce

I said #colleagues earlier. We know there are a lot of #welders and weld shops in this area. Does that mean we have to compete with all of them? Not really. We would rather form relationships with others in our #industry. Each of us has a skill set, a mind's eye, something that we #love to do or are better equipped to do. So why not #share? If you need precision cutting, miles of pipe fence, or a monster project completed we can still help you accomplish your end goal. We also work with a sand blaster, a professional painter, and a powder coat company.

So, Why Prodigy? You might choose us because we have work ethic and #vision. We have collaboration skills. We have #experience and knowledge. We have #creativity and passion. We #communicate with you. We find ways to save you money when and where we can. We take #pride in our work. Or you might choose us because of all the things we're not.

Prodigy (noun) (Oxford definition)

- a person endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities

- an impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality

- an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature

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